What is the difference between Depression and Sadness?

Many of us believe that depression & sadness are somewhere close to each other, but in reality it is not, depression is actually a type of disease that needs to be cured, whereas sadness can be temporary due to rejection or failure or somewhere due to any bad phase of your life.

But people don’t seem to differentiate between these two, we have seen many people going to doctor worrying about depression, but in reality they were very sad, whereas there are some people who think they are just sad but in reality they are going through some stage of depression.

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How do you differentiate between Sadness & Depression?

You have to understand that sadness is just a emotion, when you fail or hit by a setback, you tend to go sad for limited period of time, but with time & by doing your favorite activities you can go away from sad emotion.

When we talk about depression, it is a type of mental illness, which is not necessarily triggered by failure or any other setback, in fact it occurs without any setback, we have seen people living normal life’s without any major issues feeling horrible.

That’s it true, that’s the most important symptom of depression, feeling horrible, sad without any reason, getting different thoughts to hurting yourself without knowing the reason or finding any casual reason to do so, it is depression.

To further differentiate depression from sadness, you can checkout these common symptoms, that will help you understand the mental illness better.

Symptoms of Depression

You need to understand that having only one of these symptoms does not mean the person is depressed, generally in most cases, more than 5 symptoms are required to be diagnosed with depression.

  1. Thoughts of suicide or dying.
  2. Pointless Thinking.
  3. Feeling sleepy, sleeping too much, or lack of sleep, not able to sleep.
  4. Significant changes in body weight.
  5. Losing interest in some of your favorite activities.
  6. Feeling low all day like low on energy, sleepy, sluggish & tired.
  7. Issues with focus, concentration & creativity.
  8. Thoughts of guilt, without any worthy reason.
  9. Feeling Pressure in your mind without any reason.
  10. Feeling restless whole day without any proper reason.
  11. Horribly slow in performing actions.

These are some common symptoms of depression, if you feel anyone is having some of these symptoms, get them treated before it’s too late, as it is one of the dangerous mental illness.